Automate your Incident Management
With automatic notification, tracking of each incident and SLA reports.

A must-have support tool for your
IT monitoring suite of solutions.

Tired of manually managing IT incidents and notifications?
24cevent automate the notification and tracking process for support groups, reducing response times and helps your team to find out about incidents before your users start complaining.

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Easily integrate via webhook all incidents
detected by your own tools.

24Cevent - Incident management

Explore our powerfull features that will

help your organizartion

All your incidents from your multiple platforms in a unified console.

Sort, group and prioritize for easier management. Use filters, custom columns, check the incident status and add notes.

Instant 24x7 notification to your on-call teams.

Automatic multi-language notifications through phone calls, emails, whatsapp, teams, slack, hangout and others. Tracks state from incident->acknowledge->solved and measure times between states. Choose to ask for confirmation upon a notification.

Create your
own rules

Choose who, when and how to call each on-call team based on current time and incident variables. Define your escalation policies.

Audit of
every incident

You have the life history of an incident with all its events and timestamps: Who was called, who acknowledge the incident, who is responsible and when it was solved.

That helps your team to be

more productive


Stop spending time managing and notifying, work immediately on the solution and on what adds value to your business.

Accelerate the implementation of fixes and be proactive in implementing improvements efficiently using error and incident statistics.

A fast and efficient notification allows solving incidents before users start to claim, improving the perception of services by customers.

More agility through efficient and clear communication. Transversal visibility in a single interface for the various teams.

Immediate recovery through a clear procedure, rapid notification, and extensive information available, which is prioritized and ordered.


A single interface that cointains
all your incidents from different tools.

Notificación de incidentes
History and tracking of each incident.
  • Notification to engineers.
  • Retries and escalations in case of no response.
  • Notes, changelog and updates.
  • Audio recording, interactions and conversations.

Detail of the problem.
  • System and application affected.
  • Criticality and impact.
  • Complete information from monitoring.
  • Custom variables.

Facilitating all notifications.

Multiple messages, multiple channels, multiple teams.

Multichannel notice.

  • Automatic phone call.
  • Email with detail.
  • Corporate communications (Slack, Teams, among others).

Integration with the help desk.

  • Integration with the help desk and automated solutions.
  • Immediate ticket generation, and update in case of status changes.
  • Automatic remediation of problems, thanks to a complementary service.

Simple connection.

  • Full, native connection API for multiple tools.
  • Custom variables, imported from source tool.
Notificación de incidentes
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