How to deal with the chaos of operational alerts?

How to deal with the chaos of operational alerts?


Maintaining operational systems in IT is key to customer satisfaction. But how to handle operational alerts in case of technical problems? We tell you about it in our technology blog.

If you work in an IT area, you know the importance of maintaining operational systems to ensure customer satisfaction. However, when technical problems occur in any of the systems, receiving operational alerts becomes an exhausting and chaotic task.

Prior to our last update, each alert received at 24Cevent was handled in isolation. Since most companies generate operational alerts and not business alerts, resolution teams critically address all incidents equally, without clarity on the impact of the alarm.

For example, a database alarm is not the same as a production, QA, redundancy or disk alert at 80% when it still has 100GB available, so it is necessary to be able to differentiate between different types of alerts.

operational alerts - many alerts

New module: Status page

Now, with our latest update, we are proud to introduce a new module: status page. This module allows grouping different operational alarms into a new business indicator.

For example, if I have a store with 10 points of sale, a drop of 1 point of sale (POS) is an operational alert, but the business can continue to operate without problems. In the new module, I can create a new component called Store, which takes as children the 10 points of sale and is alerted if the number of alerted POS is higher than 40%.

Then, you can create another business component called Santiago, where all the stores that were created and belong to Santiago are incorporated. The business logics are customized, therefore, here it could be configured that 1 alerted store is enough to impact this new component “Santiago”.

24cevent - status page - operational alerts

Benefits: Visibility and business alerts

With this new functionality, you can now

  • Create business notifications: Instead of calling when there is a problem with a device, a notification is generated when a particular system is not working, when the specific e-commerce page does not allow to generate purchases, among other use cases defined by your team.
  • Have a status page: Visualize in real time the health status of the services provided by your company.
24cevent - business visibility

Simplify the management of your operational alerts with 24Cevent

Our status page module is a powerful tool that allows you, through the centralization of information, to convert operational alarms into business alarms.

It provides real-time visibility of services, allows you to share publicly with your customers, communicate information and calculate system uptime, all automatically.

If you would like to learn more about this new feature and how it can help your organization, feel free to contact our sales team! We are here to help you take your operation to the next level.

Ready to transform your operational alerts into business alerts? Don’t wait any longer! Contact us to speak with an executive and request a free demo today.